Dedicated to promoting this unique cultural space, Transkaukazja is the only multidisciplinary, international festival inspired by contemporary Caucasus.

The Transkaukazja Festival takes place every two years, in open and central urban spaces, as well
as in the most important modern art galleries, cinemas, theatres and key cultural centers.
The festival features a variety of interdisciplinary presentations through visual arts, film, music,
dance, and events combining different art genres. Since 2004, Transkaukazja has brought a wide
audience in direct contact with contemporary art created in one of the most culturally rich regions
in the world.

In 2013, during last the edition of Transkaukazja International Festival - the event united independent art organizations from 12 countries (from Azerbaijan to Portugal). For a second time the festival has been awarded a grant by the European Culture Program as the only project directly refering to the non-European Union territory of the Eastern Partnership countries.

Brief history

The first Transkaukazja festival in Warsaw introduced visual art performances, Caucasian film
screenings, cultural workshops, photography exhibitions, as well as the legendary Rose Revolution,
the ethno-rock band Zumba from Georgia. The second Transkaukazja in 2005 added new elements
and took place on the New Town Square in Warsaw, with the main stage and thematic tents
showing music concerts, multimedia shows and even Caucasian cuisine.

Over the past few years, Transkaukazja has presented a multifaceted Caucasia, through a famous
Marionette Theatre from Baku, the Polish-Ukrainian-Georgian ethno-rock band Z’umba (not to be
confused with Zumba), the Chechen and Ingushetti dance group Wajnach, the Azerbaijani jazz
Bacustic Jazz, the female electropunk group from Armenia Pincet, the world-class Natiq’s Rhythm
Group from Azerbaijan, the Georgian folk ensemble Chveneburebi and the Polish band Psio Crew,
the preeminent Georgian rock/ reggae/folk group Niaz Diasamidze and 33A, Senegalese-Polish
vocalist Mamadou Diouf, among other live performances. Transkaukazja has also incorporated
events such as Caucasian Table Academy or exhibitions at the prestigious Center of Contemporary
Art in Ujazdowski Castle and in the Zachęta National Gallery (venue of Kordegarda), Warsaw.
As a result, Transkaukazja has been widely recognized for its mission to promote awareness and
participation in contemporary Caucasus. The last Transkaukazja in 2009 was attended by nearly
20 000 spectators, championed by popular mainstream media coverage, and received international
partnership support.

Transkaukazja was also the inspiration for other original international art projects – such as
ArtZone (Polish alternative days in Caucasus – or later Frozen Moments.
Architecture Speaks Back
(transnational, interdisciplinary project that combined researchbased
activities, architecture and visual arts -