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Ani Gevorgyan_web

Ani Gevorgyan (AM)

Ani Gevorgyan was born in 1988 in Yerevan. She is a political urban photographer who has started her career in 2009. She takes photos of political events and urban scenes. Except from capturing the events through her black and white photos she presents her approaches, criticizes the illegality and violence, which always accompany public events and are realized by public authorities to make pressure on any demonstration of liberty. Ani Gevorgyan has participated in many exhibitions, including: 2011- <> – Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan, 2013- Emancipate the time – Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan, 2014- Alternative Art Fest – Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan 2015- <>Armenian Center. Ani Gevorgyan lives and works in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

For Transkaukazja 2015 Ani will present a photo series about street protests in Armenia for the exhibition “GOING PUBLIC” in NEUE OSTEN gallery in Dresden.

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Ellen Hakobyan_web

Ellen Hakobyan (AM)

“I’m Ellen Hakobyan from Armenia. Now I’m 20 years old. I’m studying linguistics and pedagogy at the Yerevan State Linguistic University. I don’t really like what I’m busy with right now that’s why I intend to change my profession later. Before choosing this university I wanted to become a screenwriter. Since my childhood I used to create new characters or change the ones all day long. Anyway, when it was the time I changed my mind under the influence of some factors. As you understand my project is built around my own experience. Now I’m trying to be engaged in everything connected with movie-making and art studying. Well, the things I’m interested in the most are art and psychology and I’ll connect them through my project.”

For Transkaukazja 2015 Ellen will present and develop her text based project ”My prison break”.

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giorgi magradze_web

Giorgi Magradze (GE)

I was born on 14 may in 1993, In Tbilisi, Georgia. Painting has been my hobby since my childhood, after that has become my profession. I studied at the Tbilisi Public School 22, after which, in 2011, I entered the Tbilisi State Academy of arts, faculty of graphics, with the fields of book design and illustration. I’m working, painting and writing books at the same time. My style is realism and hyper realism. In 2015 I graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of arts, Now I am cooperating with some companies with short term contracts.

For Transkaukazja 2015 Giorgi will present and develop his book illustration project ”censored”.

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Levon Fljyan (AM)

I’m an artist and curator. I was born in Gyumri, but I live and work in Yerevan. My activities in the recent years are more connected with reality and virtual reality, human relation, distance, sensation, mostly things with which we have relations in everyday life and things which are changing our life in to another dimension. I have worked in different positions as head of the project, workshop leader, lecturer, art therapist, designer, curator and coordinator of projects: Since 2004 taking part in different artistic activates and initiations, 2004-2010 co-founder and manager of Cultural Experimental Centre NGO; Since 2008 founder and initiator of RESTART, a contemporary art movement; 2010-2011 European Volunteer in “Kronika” Contemporary Art Centre SW. Bytom, Poland; Since 2008 lecturer of Calligraphy in Gyumri Fine Art Academy, since 2008 cooperation with different cultural and art institutions in Armenia and Europe.

For Transkaukazja 2015 Levon will present and develop his project ”Questions in life” and take part in exhibition “GOING PUBLIC” in Galerie NEUE OSTEN in Dresden.

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Qeu Meparishvili_web

Qeu Meparishvili (GE)

I was 13 years old, when l first had my camera to take photos. Of course, the quality of the photos l created back then was bad, but l’d enjoy every part of the process. I remember my first real camera, it was a Zenith and with my very first film I shot nudist photos of a friend of mine. The accidental discovery of these series of photos by my parents led to a little scandal at home. However, l was 14 at that time and didn’t really get mad, neither have I ever let go of the camera. I never really understood why people would consider photography less of art in comparison with painting. To be a photographer means to be a chronicler creating a story; you preserve and share with others the pieces of the universe, which in fact are not invented by you, but captured.

I have never pursued education in the field of art, that’s why l decided to develop and advance myself, especially in the sphere of cinematography and photography. In 2013 l got excepted in Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University in the faculty of cinematography , but on the second year I gave up my studies, because the courses offered by the University didn’t match my interests and aspirations. In 2013 l was a co-organiser of the exhibition “MAGIC ROOM”, where l presented my photos, installations and video-art. I got a huge experience in cinematography by participating in various projects and working as a cameraman for ARTAREA, MILKYWAY, MAESTRO, etc. Currently I work at Milkyway company as an assistant to a cameraman of the TV show “Kulinarium” and as the main cameraman in the project “Zedania”. Simultaneously, l was granted a scholarship at the Center of Contemporary Art -Tbilisi, which gives me a great opportunity to participate in different exhibitions and events.

For Transkaukazja 2015 Qeu will present and develop her project ”Feast of balance”.

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Sitara Ibrahimova_web

Sitara Ibrahimova (AZ)

Born in 1984 in Baku, Sitara Ibrahimova has been photographing since 2003. She has a degree in psychology from Baku State University. In 2010 Ibrahimova graduated from the photography program at FamU, Film and TV School of academy of Performing arts in Prague. Her main interest in photography is social documentary. She has documented the plight of refugees and victims of Karabakh war, early marriages and sex selective abortions in Azerbaijan . Her short term projects included stories from a mental hospital and a women’s prison. In 2010 Sitara curated the “art bazaar” – a contemporary art exhibition reflecting the work of young artists in Baku. She has done an internship (Project Management) at National Gallery (Hamburger Bahnhof) in Berlin in 2012. In the same year got a grant for documentary photography by the Open Society Foundation for her project on sex selective abortions. Ibrahimova took part in the 55th Venice Biennale at the Yarat pavilion with her “Edge” series (Karabakh war). In 2014 took part in the Noor Nikon masterclass. In May 2015, she participated in 56th Venice Biennale Iran pavilion with her “Frozen Conflict“ project about Karabakh war. In September 2015, she is going to enter the 6th Moscow Biennale with “A boy is okay, a girl is not“ series of photographs.

Sitara is currently working on her ongoing project named ”1991” , where she is documenting lives of the new generation born after the collapse of the USSR. She will present and develop this photo project also during Transkaukazja 2015.

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The project is supported by the Cultural Foundation of Saxony and the programme Wir für Sachsen, and the European Cultural Foundation.

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