Great artists from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with excellent musicians from Poland and Senegal will present three international premieres! We present you programme of Transkaukazja 2017! 

We are honored to introduce you the last one star of Transkaukazja 2017 - talented musician Pako Sarr! 

Talented musician, composer and producer is known for his distinctive voice and excellent guitar technique. He sings in Wolof, English and French. His music connects African roots with western influences. He's active on the World Music scene, expressing himself in genres like afro, reggae, soul and rock. During various music and art events he performed with different Georgian bands such as 33A, Chveneburebi, Gordela and Zumbaland. Music director of One Caucasus Festiwal. 

Pako Sarr, Huntertones, Filip Woźniak, Piotr Rybak, Miki Wielecki - One Caucasus 2016

On Transkaukazja 2017 Pako Sarr will present results of cooperation with Vishup Ensemble! See you there! 

  • Masala Soundsystem is a musical entity from Warsaw (Poland) with 15 years of musical activity and 10 released albums under its belt. It combines traditional instruments (hurdy-gurdy, jew-harp, sarangi, saz...) and vocal techniques (throat singing) from various parts of the world, with modern drum loops, deep bass and socially conscious street poetry - serving it all with significant pinch of punk energy. 

    In 2002 famous Polish journalist, writer & traveler Max Cegielski gathered a group of friends to form an ‘oriental’ DJ collective named Masala Soundsystem (Masala = mixture). Their main idea was to present a thrilling selection of folk-soaked party tracks from various parts of the world, totally omitted by the ‘mainstream’ media and to show that cultural differences between nations and races don't have to be a source of conflicts - they can form basis for a fascinating musical dialogue led in the area of music and common joy instead. 

    Crazy and breaking beats, insane energy of electro music and drums, dynamic growing of cultural variety from East to West, from the ancient times and contemporary madness. This  all are even not enough to describe the affluence of emotions from Masala’s music. Masala is a conjunction of old traditions in new ways where music perfectly harmonize and combine into fascinating new form.

    Masalas has enormous impact  on national and international media . The tracks always caught media attention and were very often played  on televisions and radios around Poland and beyond.The band played well over 1000 parties and  significant concerts since 2003, participated in the largest and most prestigious Polish and world famous festivals  (Heineken Open'er, Przystanek Woodstock, Multi Kulti Festival – Germany, Cross Club - Czech Republic, A38 - Hungary,   etc).  Bobby Friction made an interview with the members of Masala in BBC Asia after the release of 'Cały Ten Świat' album in 2008. 'As One (Tom Encore Remix)' of 'Inny Świat' remix album was a power play of DJ Nihal's BBC1 show in early 2011. Polish Anti-Fascist Of The Year 2004 award taker.

    Masala Soundsystem - Let The Masala Riddim Play

    On the stage of Transkaukazja 2017 Masala Soundsystem will perform with Natig Rhythm Group! Don't miss it!

  • SU Gordela” is a Georgian folk group formed in 2007 at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. The leader of the ensemble is Vladimer (Tamaz) Mamaladze. “TSU Gordela” performs polyphonic folk songs as a cappella and by an accompaniment of the instruments as well.  

    The members play the oldest Georgian folk instruments, such as – String instruments: panduri, chonguri, chuniri, lyre (changi) Woodwinds-pipe (salamuri), chiboni, larchemi; percussion instruments – drum, tambourine and garmon. Despite the existence of short time period, the ensemble became popular very quickly. The ensemble is a laureate of many music festivals; all this shows the high professionalism of the members.

    Gordela participated in first edition of One Caucasus (2014). Together with Pako Sarr - Warsaw-based musician from Senegal - they created one of the best and unforgettable music projects of One Caucasus 2014.

    One Caucasus 2014: Gordela & Pako Sarr

    Unique combination of amazing female voices of Georgia and the sounds of traditional Caucasian instruments is the invitation to discover real spirit of Georgian folk and to enjoy one of the best shows of traditional music in Caucasus.

    Just recently Gordela celebrated their 10 years in music. Through these years the band earned love of their fans in Georgia and abroad (only recently traveling for tournee to France). With roots in traditions of Georgian music - Gordela continues to amaze their fans with new great compositions and music interpretations, their virtuosity and passion.

    During Transkaukazja 2017 Gordela will perform with Psio Crew! 

  • The origins of Psio Crew reach as far as year 2004 in Bielsko – Biała, Poland. The pioneer fusion of traditional melodies with elements of drum and bass, trip hop and dub moved the music scene among the country and abroad, making the joint of original mountain singing with beat box the recognizable characteristic of the band. It is great news for fans of deeply folk rooted eclectic music – after few years of absence – Psio Crew is back!  

    The debut album „Szumi Jawor Soundsystem“ („Sycamore Sough Soundsystem“) released in 2007 – as it says on it’s cover – „raised from need of creativity and joy of experiencing music of old and new times“. It is a proof, that music has no barriers, and can unite (and multiply) audience.

    Psio Crew has performed on many international festivals, such as: Siget Festival (Budapest, Hungary), Fusion Festival (Larz, Germany), Open’er Festival (Gdynia, Poland), Woodstock (Kostrzyn, Poland), Terra Polska (Berlin, Germany), Colors of Ostrava (Ostrava, Czech Republic), Art&Craft Fair (Jerusalem, Israel), Bul Bul Festival in Baku (Azerbaijan), Porgy&Bess (Vienna, Austria), Lotos Jazz Festival (Bielsko-Biała, Poland) and in Polish Radio Concert Studio in Warsaw.

    Psio Crew - Dobry gooral

    During Transkaukazja 2017 Psio Crew will perform with georgian choir Tsu Gordela! 

  • Like a graceful river that both complements and continually redefines its landscape, the music of the Vishup Ensemble meanders through vast, storied swaths of Armenian history, at turns surging and gliding into domains that range from myth, lyric poetry, and metaphysics to gleeful ditties and the ploughman’s song.

    Vishup was founded in Armenia by flutist, vocalist, and guitarist Arik Grigorian from famous Armenian band "The Bambir" in 2015 when Arik Grigoryan started to work with drummer Eduard Harutyunyan, Hayk Karapetyan and was called "Arik Bambir Project" at first. Then the project moved to Los Angeles in 2016 and new members joined the band, including vocalist and pianist Areni Agbabian, cellist Artyom Manukyan and drummer Vardan Duvendjian. Then it came back to Armenia and other musicians, including Levon Arakelyan, Christin Yeghiazaryan and Amalia Hakobyan joined the group.

    The ensemble’s repertoire comprises both original material and odes to the art-historical. An intricately calibrated straddling of earthy and ethereal, Vishup’s music is driven by the soothing, folk-inflected voice of Arik Grigorian. The singing is deftly woven with understated yet muscular textures of flute, guitar, and drums, making for a lush, wondrous sound. Vishup’s original compositions and reinterpretations of classics alike thrive not merely on experimentation per se, but, ultimately, a sense of soaring liberty, of wide-open vistas, where passion — whether fiery or sublime — is given free rein. Vishup, after all, means “dragon” in Armenian.

    Arik Bambir Grigoryan - classically trained musician as well as teacher and choir conductor, Arik Grigorian is a longtime member of Armenia’s acclaimed Bambir Music Collective, in which he plied his crafts as a composer, flutist, and vocalist. Grigorian has also collaborated with a diverse range of musicians including Dietmar Bonnen, Tigran Hamasyan, and Hasmik Harutyunyan. In 2013, Grigorian joined the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, in Yerevan, Armenia, to launch the Tmbata Youth Orchestra, Tumo’s flagship.

    Vishup Ensemble - Kanche Krunk - Yerevan

    During Transkaukazja 2017 Vishup Ensemble will perform with Pako Sarr!

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